Poema: Beyond This Carrot

Release Date: 22 November, 2012

Beyond this carrot,
Above the activism of the perfect world you keep under your bed
With rainbows on the ceiling and ponies flying across the wall

In the endless platform between the many trains we take unknowingly
The shame that binds every moment we fake unwillingly

The fame of the sailor who explores the depths of the darkest sea
The female aviator who sells wonder tonic to 1920’s me
The shrink who broke another paradigm
Some guy in a balloon somewhere
Holding the wrinkles of another immortal rhyme
It goes unnoticed by some, but is embraced by all

Beyond this carrot
We are taking in things essential for the birth of galaxies
We are being consumed by passions we never had the imagination to conceive
We are being moved by dark matter, or quark blabber, or any nihilistic foundation stone,
Built in the place between all things that bother to pretend to stop anywhere.

It is beyond this carrot
Where there was ever any art
Any glory in a cause
Any meaning in the denial of automatic lust
Any invincible roulette game to bust
And all for what?

For what is beyond this carrot.
In the arms of the stranger that you once denied.
The gentleman you turned your face from.
The prince you told your son to avoid.
The religious nutcase, the atheist without a choice
All the children who are yearning to be fed only by you.

Now look again,
Look again under your bed,
It is beyond this carrot.

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